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- by E.A. Zimmerman

Woodstock and Pomfret residents will have a golden opportunity to recycle unwanted electronics (called e-Waste) on Saturday, June 19, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Woodstock Town Hall.  The Town Hall is near the fairgrounds, at 415 Route 169 in Woodstock, CT.  

electronics waste.  Wikimedia Commons
On June 19, Woodstock and Pomfret residents can e-cycle their e-waste, including old computers and cell phones, at the Woodstock Town Hall from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wikimedia Commons photo.

The Woodstock Green Energy Committee and Pomfret Green Team, together with the Woodstock and Pomfret town governments, are partnering with Smart Technology Management to make this electronics recycling drive happen.

“We hope that as many residents as possible will bring in their waste electronics,“ says Woodstock Town Clerk Judy Walberg.  “Smart Technology Management has a zero landfill policy.  That means that all materials brought to this e-Waste drive will be reused, resold, recycled or reclaimed.  

This company is one of the few that does not ship e-Waste overseas.  In addition, their environmentally responsible approach keeps used electronics out of the Transfer Station’s bulky waste stream.  That saves the town money.” What’s more, the drive is costing the towns nothing except for four hours of a constable’s time to direct traffic.

Woodstock and Pomfret residents will be able to recycle the following electronic items for free (in alphabetical order):  cables and wires, cell phones, computers/CPUs, keyboards, mice (the mechanical kind), DVD players, fax machines, monitors, network equipment, printers (inkjet or laser), scanners, servers, spare computer parts, telephones, VCRs and VHS players.  Rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries will also be accepted. (Alkaline batteries will not be taken.)  

There will be a disposal fee for the following items:  

  • Microwave $3.00; TV $5.00
  • Air Conditioner (non-evacuated) $10.00
  • Air Conditioner (evacuated) $5.00; and
  • Vacuum Cleaner $3.00.   

Four Corners Community Chapel will be the recipient of donations of 3 cents for each pound of CPUs brought to the drive.    

Smart Technology Management will issue certificates to people who want verification that their data has been wiped out, so it is not compromised. 

But wait, there’s more!  The Green Energy Team will be at the Town Hall that day to answer questions about renewable energy.  "Bring your current CL&P statements to sign-up and start saving on utility costs.  Our team will be there to show you how you can purchase 100% clean, renewable energy and SAVE MONEY every month at the same time," explains Jim Stratos, chairman of the Woodstock Green Energy Team.  “It doesn’t have to cost more – it could actually SAVE you money.  Join us in providing a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations.”

Take advantage of this event to make more space in your office, attic or basement.  At the same time, you can ensure that e-Waste that no longer meets your needs will have a chance to provide value to others.  Instead of being disposed of in a landfill or incinerator, it will be reused, or the raw materials it contains will be recycled.

Next week’s article will address the growing problem of e-Waste.  It will also offer other options for consumers who want to embrace new technology without leaving a toxic wake in their path.

See Part II: eWaste Cast Offs Contain Toxic Constituents

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Originally published in the Villager newspapers on May 14, 2010


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