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sunrise by Scott Harwood
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- by Bet Zimmerman

Ambrose Pierce defined a photograph as a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art. Scott Harwood is an amateur photographer who likes to capture the distinct light associated with the sun slipping above the horizon.

Early light.  Photo by Scott Harwood

Early light. Photo by Scott Harwood. See more of his photos of the Quiet Corner.

Scott lives in Webster, MA and works in Woodstock, CT. Unlike most of us, he is thankful for his commute. It offers him boundless opportunities to capture nature, farm and country settings, and everyday scenes. His favorite part of the day is early morning, when the lightning is at its most interesting.

“It is light that reveals, light that obscures, light that communicates,” noted photographer John Sexton. “It is light I ‘listen’ to. …. I feel quiet, yet intense energy in the natural elements of our habitat. A sense of magic prevails. A sense of mystery. It is a time for contemplation, for listening - a time for making photographs.”

“For equipment, I use a Canon Rebel XT for the quality of the shot and the ability to change lenses,” said Scott. “I also have a Sony DSC H1 digital camera, which is good for point-and-shoot.” See more of his photos at www.veryalive.org/photos.htm.

Thank you Scott, for sharing your vision with those of us who don’t rise early enough.


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Originally published in the Villager newspapers on January 8, 2010


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